Enabling Your Measurements

Artificial Networks

The Artificial Networks AN-Series offers our customers various optimal choices for the electrical HV-component and DC-charging station tests in accordance to ISO 21498, LV 123 and IEC 61851-23. We design and build Artificial Networks and Systems tailored to your requirements and needs.

High Voltage LISNs

The High-Voltage LISN series HV-LISN are used for single-phase interference voltage measurement on shielded cables in accordance to CISPR 25. The HV-LISNs can be used in the field of electric mobility including battery-, hybrid- and fuel cell electric vehicels.

Loads and Test Resistors

Our electrical loads and test resistors LR-Series have a wide range of applications in the automotive and industrial sector. They are used in the deveopment and testing of components, under continous operation with high currents. We design loads and test resistors tailored to your requirements and needs. 

Enabling Your Measurements

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